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How to Lose Weight without Sacrificing

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Today, we are going to focus on you. First off, you are beautiful and have a great butt. Give yourself a little wink next time you pass a mirror.

Let's face it, as we get older, maintaining a healthy weight gets harder than when we were 20. When I look at how I lost 45 pounds after Rowan, it was the small changes that added up.

Did you know cutting 100 calories a day leads to 10 pounds in a year? Here are five tiny habit shifts to do this without impacting your lifestyle:

  • Halve the amount of oil you use in cooking. You will be shocked at how little you need. Start measuring versus just pouring straight from the bottle. Better yet, buy spray oil to use even less.

  • Take one topping off your salad. If you look at the calories, salads can be some of the highest on the menu. They usually are loaded with cheese, nuts, and dried fruits. Eliminate one. Bonus points, for getting the dressing on the side, too.

  • Stop nibbling off your kid's plate. We all do it, but it's just not worth it. Usually, their food is high-calorie and not that great. I'd much rather save my treats for chocolate versus cold mac and cheese.

  • Make it open-faced. If you have a sandwich, remove the top piece of bread. You will taste the filling more and save the carbs.

  • Carry a snack. So often I find myself making lousy nutrition decisions when I'm hangry. So, I treat myself like a toddler and always carry a healthy snack. My favorite right now: a small apple.

Which do you want to try? Can you commit to trying it for the next week?

For more healthy tips, visit our website.

The small changes we make, could lead to the biggest and unexpected impact.


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