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Involve your kids in running the house

With now working two full-time jobs, I’ve turned housework into a family affair. Here are some ideas that are working this week:

  • Straighten at the end of each day. Before dinner, our kids watch a TV show, but before they can, they need to clean their rooms and play spaces. That way, every day starts afresh.

  • Find simple recipes they can make. My four year old just made family breakfast by himself (a simple french toast casserole). Chloe made pizza from scratch (including the dough). Find a few forgiving recipes that they can master to do double duty of entertaining and feeding them.

  • Act like cleaning is a game. This, at least, has been working so far. My kids wiped down every surface in my kitchen after I told them it was a race. Mopping was 30-minutes of entertainment. Frame it as fun.

How do you involve your kids in housework? Share your ideas!


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