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Make the Ask

Rejection stings, but you have zero chance of getting something if you don't ask. That's why I'm shooting for 100 rejections this year. 

The foundation of my program is based on over 100 interviews with women at the top of their fields. I've landed incredible ones: founders of $1B+ companies and many C-level execs across industries. Each conversation makes my program stronger, helping more women find their approach to being a working mom. 

Lately, I've been upping my game. I reached out to the author of the book I'm reading, Tim Ferriss's last podcast guest, and a mentee of RBG for an intro to the justice. The good news? I landed two of those so far. 

So, today, I'm asking you. What hotshot-working-moms would you like to learn from? I'll add them to my target list.

Better yet, which of those do you know and can make an intro to? 

If you don't ask, the answer is always, 'No.'


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