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Make Today Memorable

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

What was your day like last Tuesday? Can't remember? It's so easy for our days to bleed together in a sea of sameness. 

One of my favorite tricks to prevent this is a simple 1-minute reflection at the end of each day: What are three things to remember today by? These are a mix - big and small both good and bad moments spread across family, personal and work. For example, Friday's was "family dinner at Mimi and Geo's, reaching 50 top mom interviews, and cocktail date night."

Why I love this practice:

  • Acts as an easy check on balance. If my most memorable activities for multiple days revolve around work, I need to adjust. 

  • Encourages me to create special moments with the kids, such as going to the park or for pastries before work. 

  • Helps me appreciate life. Every few months I read them and think - 'wow, life's incredible.' 

It's the little everyday moments that add up to create a vibrant and fulfilling life. Don't default to autopilot.   


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