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Meal Planning for the Non-planner

I get it, Sunday meal prep is not for everyone. But, how can you make your weekdays easier while still embracing a bit of spontaneity with your meals?

  • Save it. Just create a digital album of images of your favorite meals, either on Instagram or just take a photo of your plate. The visual nature will spark creativity.

  • Your friend, the freezer. Create a few freezer meals that you can whip together quickly, even without fresh ingredients or grocery shopping. For example, I have salmon burgers, couscous, and broccoli in my freezer drawer that I can cook in under 10 minutes.

  • Literal pick-me-ups. Find a healthy food option by the places you visit most — home, work, and your kids’ school — so that you always have a quick choice nearby. For example, the grocery near my house has rotisserie chickens, and ready-to-go salad packs and next to school are pre-cooked veggies and lean proteins available by the pound.

  • Double the fun. This equation is simple—double the recipe and freeze half. I do this with everything: pasta, rice, chili, soup, steak, etc. That way when I have no time, there are always leftover backups.

  • Make it a family affair. Get each member of the family to pick a meal they want to have that week. This takes the pressure off of you and decreases complaints.

  • Get the best of both worlds. Pick 4 meals to have during your week so you can do shopping and minimal prep. Then leave which day you are having which up to chance.

All you non-planners, what are your favorite tips?


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