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Mommy Says So

Ok, the second post this week on cleaning up my language, but what we say (and write) shapes our relationships and world. 

No more referring to myself in the third person. Too often when talking to my kids, I talk about 'mommy' versus 'me.' 

That makes mommy angry. Mommy wants you to stop spitting.  Mommy doesn't like when you kick her. (Yes, I'm dealing with a threenager.)

Why do I do this? My kids realize I don't talk to anyone else like this. It makes my points less clear and direct while creating unnecessary distance between my kids and me.  Looking Rowan in the eye and saying "Honey, it hurts me when you kick me," would be so much more impactful. 

I've been trying for a week, and it's hard. However, I already feel like I'm developing a better relationship with my kids. 

So try it. Kari says so. 


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