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My weekly planning process

Every Sunday morning I spend 15-minutes journaling about the past week and the one ahead. First, I ask myself four questions about the past week:

  • Why will I remember it?

  • What did I do well?

  • What do I want to do differently?

  • What did I learn?

Then looking ahead, I have a list of areas in my life that I check-in on—kids, my relationship, health, and social. I set two or three intentions for each:

  • What few activities with the kids will make this week special?

  • When will Joe and I get some quality time together?

  • How do I want to fill up my social cup?

  • When will I workout? What other health habits am I focusing on for the week?

The process knocks me out of autopilot and makes sure that I’m not over-indexing on any one part of my life.

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