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Play Hooky

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

As a working mom, obligations from family and work continually pull you in a million directions. Just last night, my kids made 25 demands during the fifteen minutes of dinner. (Yes, I counted.)

The relentlessness of parenthood is why once every couple of months, I play hooky: take a day off from work, put the kids in school, and have a day to myself. 

I did this Monday, visiting the gallery shows I've been meaning to go, enjoying a picnic lunch with my husband, Joe, and even slipping in a foot massage. I felt completely rejuvenated and reconnected with myself. 

If this feels undoable, can you start with an afternoon? It's so freeing and even just wandering around your city without real plans feels luxurious. 

You deserve it. 

Stress management tip: Get away from it all every once in a while.


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