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Start Small

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Completely overwhelmed by yesterday's call to overhaul your entire calendar? Don't be. Your goal shouldn't be perfection, but micro-progress. Break it down into the smallest possible unit of progress. What can you do towards this goal in 2 minutes?

Some ideas for the calendar purge:

  • Email one meeting owner to request an agenda for a meeting tomorrow

  • Email one meeting attendee group to ask if you need to meet (or could catch up over email)

  • Designate someone in your meeting to be a note keeper

  • Ask to reschedule a meeting that the key decision maker can't make

Studies show that your brain gets a spike of dopamine each time you achieve even a micro-goal.  Newtons' law of motion applies here -- objects in motion tend to stay in motion. 

So, set the bar low and just get started. 


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