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The Modern Mom's Baby Book

My favorite Google ad is Dear Sophie, the touching story of parents who documented their daughter's life by sending her emails to Gmail. If you haven't seen it, prepare for a few tears. 

Alexis Jhambwho has the coolest title, GM of Decision Making at Chevrondid something similar. She made an email address for her son, sending him 'letters' about what he's doing and how she feels about him.

"It's like a 1-way private conversation with our son. I discovered that when my father got Parkinson's and then declined, there were so many things I felt I didn't know about him and his life. I don't want Javier to have the same experience with me."

What I love about this idea is that it's easy. Baby books feel like 'work.' Emailing fits into your existing life. I practically live in email. Why not send one to those we love most? 

I would have loved to read my mom's experience as a new mom when I became one. What do you wish you knew? 


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