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Throw a regular event

My family and I just hosted our 4th kid’s NYE party. We have a balloon drop at 6:30pm, so the kids can all be home in bed by eight.

The best part is that each year gets easier. You can recycle menus and invite, supply and todo lists. You learn what works and what doesn’t, so can iterate and simplify. And, you start building a community around it.

So pick a regular event to throw. Here are some ideas to get the juices flowing:

  • Game night with a few families

  • Potluck picnic in a park

  • Summer-time seafood boil or BBQ

  • An exchange (for cookies, books, or clothes)

  • Backyard camping

  • Service day at a local charity

  • Gift wrapping party with other moms (wine + conversation make the time fly by)

  • Movie night (for the kids and social time for the adults)

  • Cook-off (have each family bring a themed dish like chilli or pies)

These events can be easy or more involved. Lower your bar and just do something. I asked Rowan after my NYE party what his favorite part was. “Everything, mommy.” (My heart is still melting).


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