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Toot that Horn of Yours

I just started an incubator program, Halcyon. 427 companies applied, the program accepted eight. 

Orientation day, I took a quick look at the other fellow's bios and was shocked by the difference between the men and the women's. The men's sounded more impressive than the women, not because the men were, but because they had puffed out their chests.

Self-promotion is downright uncomfortable for me. However, I know that it is essential. So here's my rewritten bio, horn tooting and all. (Nervously clearing my throat.)

Kari Clark founded Uplift out of her own experience. She has two kids (ages 5 and 3) whom both made her better at her job and life. Post-kids, she made a significant career shift, saw improved performance reviews, lost 45 pounds and gave away half of her possessions. Life changes like having a baby are proven to be great times to adopt new habits. She wants to rewrite the script on what being a working mom means.

Before Uplift, Kari worked at Google for eight years in marketing and product management. She invented their Live Case product for which she holds a patent, and co-created products with Jeff Koons, Skrillex, and Jeremy Scott. Kari has also worked in product, digital strategy, and production at Apple, Publicis, and MKG Productions, respectively. She has won numerous awards, including a Clio, FITC's Best Game of the Year, OMMA's Best B2B Campaign, and first place in the IDEO Challenge.

Kari holds an MBA from Kellogg, where she was an Austin Scholar and a Kellogg Innovation Network Global Fellow. She also earned a BA from Columbia and trained with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). 


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