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Treat Yourself Like a Toddler

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

It’s so easy as a working mom to put everyone else’s needs above your own. To prevent meltdowns, I know my kids needs better than mine. We have strict rules in place to protect them — set bedtimes, food always on hand and extra time to prevent rushing. 

What would your life like if you created similar rules around your needs? What if you viewed your own stress as detrimental as a toddler breakdown?  

Take a minute to define your melt-down prevention strategy. For me, I need to: 

  • Go to bed around 10:15 most nights with a set bedtime routine

  • Always have a snack on hand to prevent ‘hangry’ Kari

  • Have some downtime by myself each day (even 10 minutes works)

  • Not drink more than 2 nights in a row (it affects my mood otherwise)

If this is hard for you, think of it as another way to prevent actual toddler’s meltdowns. Our kids feed off our energy, so a stressed out mom eventually leads to an upset kid.

You’ve got this. 

Through self care and self love, a working mom's fighting chance of achieving her goals becomes higher.


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