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What's Your Readiness Score?

I recently bought an Oura ring, which is a pretty fantastic wearable self-quantification tool that is a Fitbit on steroids. What I love most, though, is my Readiness Score⁠—a daily rating on how much I am ready to exert myself that day based on factors like my sleep quality, resting heart rate, and body temperature. 

Before, I just charged hard most days. Now, I have a reminder in the morning to check-in with myself. Is today a better day to take it easy and recover, or am I ready to kick some ass?

Even without the data, though, you can do the same. When you wake up, do a quick body scan? How do you feel physically? Emotionally? Mentally? How should you adjust your day?

Listen to yourself. It’s key to being the best version you.


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