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What’s your version of mini-storage?

After Rowan was born, I made huge life shifts, including leaving Google and starting Uplift. I lost 45 pounds, collaborated with Jeff Koons, started meditating, and just plain enjoyed life.

But, it all started with mini-storage.

I was living in a small, NYC apartment, and we had a large storage unit off-site. As a working mom, my life was crazy, and I hated the management of ‘stuff’ that the unit entailed, moving things in and out of storage.

On mat leave, I read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and decided that by the end of leave, I was getting rid of this storage unit—no small task. It took months of hiring sitters and schlepping boxes. By the end, I’d given away half of our belongings.

This act though snowballed. Without a storage unit, I had hours back each month. I started looking for other things to simplify. Things like moving to DC felt possible without the weight of ‘stuff.’ I just felt badass.

Do you have a version of mini-storage? Something that might literally be out-of-sight, but seriously weighs on your mind? Something that will make everything you want in your life easier?

What big, hairy goal would light a fire under you?

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