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What Would Make Today Great?

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

I'm a strong believer in the power of intentions. You are more likely to have the life you want, when you reflect on what that is and how to make it happen. 

Every morning I spend 2 minutes asking myself (and writing down!) -- "What would make today great?" The answer varies widely - but that is what makes the question so powerful.  It helps me:

  1. Make sure there is actually something to make the day great. If the best part of my day is competing a deck for work, I need to rethink something.  This can be as small as planning a 15 minute activity for the kids after dinner or trying to do my morning work block outside vs. at my desk. 

  2. See the big picture. The day I was throwing a toddler New Years party where 40 adults and 20 kids were coming to my small NYC apartment would typically had been ridiculously stressful.  My answer was "to not stress.' This became my mantra, reminding myself that 'not stressing' was more important than the perfect party. This turned into one of my favorite days ever, due to my relaxed mindset, which allowed me to savor the experience. 

  3. Cut things off my plate I usually only have a few things in my answer.  This helps me prune my day to focus on what really matters. Many times my answer is "do less today."

  4. Notice bigger trends in what makes me happy. Recently over half of my entries have been "be present during [XX]". I'm so much happier when I truly let myself be in the moment with my kids and friends. I know this, but seeing it over again really stuck with me.   

Try it for a week. What would make your day great? 

Being grateful is your key to having a great day.


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