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Will Anyone Notice?

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

One of my favorite decluttering tricks is to create a 'wait and see' box. Anything that's a 'maybe' goes in the box, which then goes in storage with today's date. If after 6 months, you don't need anything out of the box, you can just donate it. The distance helps you see more clearly, and you have proof that the items aren't 'necessary.'

I love the idea of creating similar experiments for actions in your life. Cut-out activities for a week or a month and see if anyone notices. What happens if you don't do that report that feels superfluous? If it's missed, it's easy to bring it back. If it's not, you've simplified your life with no real consequences. 

This week, pick one small item to test. It's low risk and can save you hours down the line. 


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