A Simple Question to Save Time

In this week's spending to save series, we've been showing how you can spend more money to save you time, buying you happiness. Today's tip is simple: Each time you open your wallet (or hover over the Buy Now button on Amazon), ask yourself, "Will this purchase change my use of time in positive ways?" Pause if not. Do you really need this? So often, when we buy something, there are so many hidden time costs—unpacking, storage, maintenance, and disposal. How would your life

My 6 Favorite Time Saving Software

As a mom of two and a founder of a busy start-up, I throw money at software that saves me time. Here are some of my faves: Docsend ($10/month): Simplifies document sharing. I can see who has visited and for how long. I can also update the document behind the link as I make changes in real-time. (Biggest insight, people spend very little time reading documents! Xtensio ($15/month): Beautiful predesigned document templates that prevent me from hiring a designer to layout

What's the Total Cost?

I am a sucker for a good deal. I mean, I am the rare breed who loves going to Costco. But, today I'm throwing this out the window. My tip? Do less comparison shopping. When you look at the total cost of comparison shopping—including your time, not just the sticker price—you'll find it's rarely worth it. The time it takes to go to multiple stores, drive to the cheaper gas, or spend hours browsing online is more valuable than your savings. So, don't overthink it. Find so

10 Ways to Spend Money to Reduce Mealtime Stress

The number one stress we hear from moms is getting dinner on the table, so what better place to spend money to save time? To spend smartly, first identify what part of the meal is causing stress. Is it getting the food ready? Clean-up? Grocery shopping? Then try to spend to reduce that stress. For example... If you stress about planning: Order groceries online. You can shop from old orders or put items on repeat, saving you having to go to the store. This might even sav

You Can Buy Happiness

Ashley Williams, a professor at Harvard Business School, has studied over 100,000 people to understand the relationship between happiness, wealth, and time. She found that the happiest people (even at lower incomes) use money to buy time by working fewer hours, outsourcing, or spending out. This week, we'll dive into advice on how to make this all-too-important trade-off of money for time. Her findings show that spending as little as $40 on time saving measures can buy

Stop Looking

The average person spends 55 minutes looking for things each day. With kids, I'm sure that number is even higher. (How do my kids' shoes get misplaced every morning??) So today, let's grab some of that precious time back with these tips: Create homes. Designate a place in your home for key items like keys, kid shoes, and your purse. Use technology. Buy a Tile for your keys, so you can find them with your phone. And, use Google Home or Alexa to find your phone by ringing it ev

Mom Hacks: Creative Outsourcing

Today we are joined by Kristi Saturnak, Marketer at Google, for our Day in the Life of a Working Mom Instagram takeover. Follow along here (and follow us on Instagram while you are at it.) You moms are so smart when it comes to outsourcing and making your life easier. Here are some of my favorites from the Mom takeovers. Emily O'Grady, VP of Operations at Assurion, has her Au Pair bath and PJ her kid before she gets home, so they can focus on fun when she gets home. Laura Rod

Mom Hack: Hire A Virtual Assistant

How much is your time worth? $30/hour? $50/hour? More? For me, time is my most valuable resource. That's why I love my virtual assistants. In 2018, they've saved me 10 hours working on personal tasks (and 70 on business, but that's another story). Here are some recent ways they've helped: Call Verizon to reduce my bill by $20/month Book a dinner reservation at a hot restaurant that only takes them at a specific time Research presents for my niece's 1-year-old birthday Call CB

How I Stopped Doing Laundry

I hate laundry. Every week feels like Ground Hog Day.  Just looking at the piles drains me. Luckily my Delete, Simplify, Delegate process saved me. I spent 10 minutes brainstorming ideas under each category and picked the bold ones to implement. The result? Something off my plate, and less work for the family overall. Score! Due to popular request, I will walk through more concrete examples like this. Have a problem you want to brainstorm with me? Email me! #momtips #spendtos