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Mom Hack: Hire A Virtual Assistant

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

How much is your time worth? $30/hour? $50/hour? More? For me, time is my most valuable resource. That's why I love my virtual assistants. In 2018, they've saved me 10 hours working on personal tasks (and 70 on business, but that's another story). 

Here are some recent ways they've helped:

  • Call Verizon to reduce my bill by $20/month

  • Book a dinner reservation at a hot restaurant that only takes them at a specific time

  • Research presents for my niece's 1-year-old birthday

  • Call CB2 to deal with a chair that broke

  • Book travel logistics (like hotel transfers)

  • Find high-rated doctors that take my insurance and book the appointments

I like Fancy Hands for their simplicity and pricing: you just buy tasks each month. I've also heard great things about Zirtual for folks who want a more premium service. 

What would you do with a few hours extra each month? I've been spending mine reading Twilight. Embarrassing? Yes, but it feels so luxurious to do something so mindless and trashy.  

#productivity #spendtosave


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