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My Six-year-old is Wiser than I am

A few weeks ago, Chloe and I were driving to see the D.C. cherry blossoms, stuck in traffic. She piped up, “Mom, it’s great that there is traffic. It gives us time to relax.” She was right. Even on a Saturday, we had been racing from one activity to another with little downtime. This comment helped me notice that even when viewed in traffic, D.C. was beautiful. The two of us started pointing out all the cherry blossoms we saw on our route. Since then, I’ve been savori

Be Alone with Your Thoughts

Inspired by Cal Newport’s new book, Digital Minimalism, I’m seven days into a 30-day digital detox of no podcasts, social media or blogs. It’s amazing. I even have started going on evening or morning walks—by myself, sans headphones. These 30-minute sessions with just my thoughts made me recognize how rarely I just think. Guess what? Thinking is good. I’m finding myself making better decisions and being less stressed overall. So today, risk being bored a bit. Put away you

Do a Digital Detox

Inspired by Cal Newport's new book, Digital Minimalism, I'm doing a 30-day digital detox. I've found myself tightly wound recently and want to gauge the effect of detaching from my phone. Here are my rules: No podcasts. Audiobooks are OK No blog research (huge time suck for me!) No Facebook or Instagram (except for work, accessed on my computer) No Whatsapp (except for work) I'm 24 hours in. I've found that I've checked off all the annoying things on my todo list just to

One Line a Day

At Uplift, we think a lot about how to show progress. I'm always asking—what's our before and after picture (like you'd have in a weight loss program)? My favorite tool so far is a simple analog book—the one line a day journal.  There are 365 pages (one for each day of the year) and five lines on each.  Each day, you write one sentence. The magic comes on year two when you can see where you were a year ago. By year five, you can reflect on half a decade. So often we are alway

Are You Really Driving?

My kids love the shopping carts that are part toy-car. They turn that steering wheel when I go round a corner and tell me how much fun it is to drive. It's a great analogy for life. I'm all about being intentional, but often we stress out over our 'driving' when in reality circumstances outside our control are doing the real steering. So today, sit back and enjoy the ride. #intentionality #selfawareness

Take a New Approach

It's so easy when something isn't working just to do that approach harder, faster, more. Today, stop and pivot. Safi Bahcall on the Tim Ferris podcast shared a significant change in how he met his wife. He had been dating model and fashion folks in NYC and never fully connecting. Enter the pivot. At a party, Safi met an attractive, interesting guy, who mentioned that his ex was a biotech scientist out of Boston. So was Safi. Light bulbs went off—he bet this guy's ex was

Make a Daily Date with Yourself

Most mornings I try to meditate. Yes, it's good to clear my mind, but the most significant benefit for me is just taking the few minutes to check-in on how I'm doing. Is my mind racing? Check. Do I feel panicked? Often. Chill? Rare. This daily check-in then helps me adjust my day. Do I need to be a little bit kinder to myself? Do a mini digital detox? Do something to clear my head like journal for 5-minutes? So tomorrow, before you jump out of bed take 1 minute, close

How to Handle Conflicting Advice

I've started raising my friends and family pre-seed round for Uplift. Whenever I dive into something new, I try to talk to as many smart people on the subject as possible to jump-start my learning curve. Unfortunately, all the advice is contradicting each other. I'm reminded of when I was a new mom. Cry it out. Co-sleep. Breastfeed. Don't. My head is swirling by the end of each day. A simple spreadsheet has helped: One column has the name of each person, the next has t

What's Your Theme for 2019?

I'm a huge fan of giving each year a theme. Mine last year was "root cause", which helped me focus on solving issues versus treating symptoms. I learned that I have a dairy and gluten intolerance, which has improved my digestion, and I changed out my mattress to fix my underlying back pain. This year's theme is Self-love. I love this theme because it encompasses: being less hard on myself, making time for self-care, and most importantly, working on mindset. I want to t

Time to Make Your '19 in 2019' List

Last year, I took Gretchen Rubin's suggestion to make an 18 in 2018 list, 18 things that I would do that year, most of them fun versus chores. I ended up doing 16 of them, including huge ones like getting our backyard ready for outdoor entertaining and launching my business. Here is what I learned: Things took much longer than expected. Having the list made me start on them early, which was good. Otherwise, complex items like taking the family to meet my Great Aunt in En

Tweak that Golden Rule

Today's tip is short and sweet. Tweak the golden rule: Instead of treating others how you want to be treated, treat others how they want to be treated. To bring this home, think about your wedding gifts. A study showed that guests prefer giving gifts not on the registry to be unique or personal. When you ask the couples, the ones in the registry won out. Their registry was their wish list. So next time, don't assume you know what someone wants. Be a bit curious. Just ask. Cha

What's Your Canary?

When I interview top working moms at the heights of their careers, I always ask, 'What do you do when you get overwhelmed?' I was shocked when a handful of them said they didn't. Whats their secret? These women know their canaries, their leading indicators of overwhelm. They focused on prevention. My red flags are bad sleep and clutter around the house. So now, as soon as I see these flags, I know I'm pushing too hard. I head to my calendar to clear commitments, prune my to-

My Magical Morning

I'm a morning person and how I start the first 30 minutes of my workday drastically affects my productivity. I thought a peek into my get-to-work routine might help inspire yours. I sit at my desk with my monitor. Dual screen doubles my productivity. Then I take a deep breath and start my Pomodoro timer. I check on my weekly goals spreadsheet, marking which I've completed and get a sense of what needs to happen today. I adjust priorities as needed. (At a startup, priorities c

Living in Dog Years

When people ask how I have been recently, I keep answering, "I'm living in dog years." Every week feels like a month, in a good way. Every week is a new challenge that I get to tackle. I've never learned more in my life. According to Psychologist William James, we gauge by memorable events. Time feels slower when we are younger because so much is new: your first day of Kindergarten, first kiss or first time trying pop rocks make the day memorable. The more memorable days you

Do a People Audit

The people you habitually associate with determine as much as 95 percent of your success or failure in life, according to research by Harvard social psychologist, Dr. David McClelland. Take a minute to let that sink in. This next part is going to sound harsh, but it's essential. Step 1. List the top 10 to 20 people you spend the most time with. Step 2. Divide the list into three categories: Uplifters, who inspire, challenge and support you Downers who discourage or hold you

If You Had a Magic Wand

If you had a magic wand, what would you make happen in your life in the next year? In your career? At home? For my business, I want to hit the tipping point of success. I want the uncomfortable excitement of having demand for our coaching put the pressure on us to grow fast. I'd also love to be the go-to expert on what it means to be a working mom. At home, I want a little fairy sitting on my shoulder to remind me to slow down, enjoy the process, and be present. My simple mom

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