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Living in Dog Years

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

When people ask how I have been recently, I keep answering, "I'm living in dog years." Every week feels like a month, in a good way. Every week is a new challenge that I get to tackle. I've never learned more in my life.

According to Psychologist William James, we gauge by memorable events. Time feels slower when we are younger because so much is new: your first day of Kindergarten, first kiss or first time trying pop rocks make the day memorable. The more memorable days you have the slower time moves.

Laura Vanderkam talks about this phenomenon in her new book, Off the Clock, about feeling less buy while getting more done.  Her suggestion? Try to shake up your norm. Walk a different way home. Try out a new cafe. Or, start checking off your local bucket list.

Slow time down because, hell, life moves pretty fast.


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