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What's Your Theme for 2019?

I'm a huge fan of giving each year a theme. Mine last year was "root cause", which helped me focus on solving issues versus treating symptoms. I learned that I have a dairy and gluten intolerance, which has improved my digestion, and I changed out my mattress to fix my underlying back pain.

This year's theme is Self-love. I love this theme because it encompasses: being less hard on myself, making time for self-care, and most importantly, working on mindset. I want to truly love who I see in the mirror and limit my gremlins.

My inspiration is my 5-year-old, Chloe. She loves her body, dancing around naked shouting, "I love my butt," and has so much self-confidence.

I want to model the same. To start, I am going through my closet today and throwing out anything that doesn't make me feel amazing. How you feel in your clothes drastically effects how you feel in life.

What's your theme for this year? Please share!


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