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Find the right medium

Meetings are the hardest for working parents. They are time-consuming and at set times, which might not work with your family’s needs. Yet, most of the parents I work with spend over 50% of their time in them.

My biggest tip right now is to break out of your 30-minute (or worse yet, 60-minute) meeting habit and find the right medium. Look at your meetings today:

  • Can any be turned into an email?

  • Could you collaborate on a doc before (or instead of) a meeting? (Note: this also gets better ideas and work out of people)

  • Can you just have a quick 5-minute phone call vs. using the whole time? (I love the ‘trick’ of calling 10 minutes before another meeting and saying, ‘I only have 10.’)

  • Can you skip any and get notes? (Note: if they don’t send notes, ask.)

Try to clear at least 30-minutes today (and every day).


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