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How to work remotely, from coronavirus & beyond

Remote work like a pro

As the coronavirus keeps dominating headlines, more and more businesses are starting to take precautions — and take remote work more seriously.

Since our entire Uplift team is remote (7 countries and counting!) we put our heads together to create a free how-to guide on remote work, based on what we’ve learned from starting a remote company from scratch, along with industry best practices that have shaped our remote work culture.

Here’s a sample of the topics we cover:

  • Setting flexible hours and firm boundaries

  • Establishing a communication protocol

  • Managing a remote team

  • Keeping #watercooler convos flowing

  • Using the best remote work tools

While you’re at it, why not forward to your manager or your team? (There’s nothing NSFW here, we promise.)

I can’t help but think about how much a new focus on remote work might help all of us (especially us working moms) in the long run.

Stay safe in there and keep washing those hands!


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