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Kid Gifts That You Will Enjoy, too

One tip I give to busy moms: find activities to do with your kids that fill your cup, too. So this year’s gift guide is full of toys that you will have as much fun playing with as your little ones.

Working mom coaching

3D Pen, $39.99

You can create mini-sculptures by drawing 3D designs in the air. Good luck with your kids getting a turn on this.

Working mom coaching

Kid Cookbook, $10.99

Teaches your kids self-confidence and provides hours of quality time for both of you.

Working mom coaching

Unboard Time Capsule, $29.99

Get your kids to record their interests, memories, and favorite possessions, taking off the mental load for you doing this for the whole family.

Working mom coaching

Pop Rocks

Blow their minds and bring back your own inner child.

Working mom coaching

Rat-a-tat-cat, $9.99

Our family’s favorite card game that is as fun for adults as kids.

Working mom coaching

What Do You Do with an Idea?, $11.99

A lovely story about to turn your big ideas into something amazing. A story we all need to hear.


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