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Lessons from Paris

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

A couple of weekends ago, Chloe and I had the most wonderful time in Paris. I realized that a lot of our mini-adventures from the trip could easily be recreated in our hometown, so sharing my favorites:

  • Go on a tasting tour. We tried chocolate from 8 different stores and rated them to pick our favorite. Then we went back and bought a box there.

  • Play games in coffee shops. We bought a new card game that we played religiously in cafes across town.

  • Have a day of ‘yes.’ One day we had no plans and just wandered around and said, ‘yes,’ to anything that looked interesting. We tried new cafes, playgrounds, and foods. It felt luxurious in my normally over-scheduled life.

If you’ve recently gone on vacation, what do you want to bring forward to your daily life?

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