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More Ideas for Connecting While Traveling

Thank you for sharing ideas on how you stay connected with your kids while traveling. Wanted to share some of my favorites:

I draw a calendar, so my son knows what I'm doing each day we’re apart and draw an airplane when I’m flying back home. Inés de Uriarte

I used to write notes for my son to open each day I was gone. As he got a little older, he wrote notes for me too 😭. Shanna Hocking

There was a commercial on the television about a little girl who put her special little stuffed friend in her father’s suitcase before he left for a business trip. He did a photo op each day with the stuffed animal and sent the pic to his daughter. We used this as an inspiration to send my sons’ beloved (2nd favorite stuffy) with Daddy on business trips, and both boys were delighted to get the photos each day. Karen Schlesinger

I love these ideas!


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