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Pack for a Family of Four without Checking Anything

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

My goal for Europe: pack lightly. Two adults, two kids for 10 days with just two small roller bags, two small backpacks, and my purse. Mission on.

Here are my tips:

  • Stay places with a washer and dryer. We brought half the clothes and washed along the way. 

  • Buy packing cubes. These help keep clothes organized and allow you to stuff way more in each bag. I use one for each kid and two for me. 

  • Plan to throw out. I brought old PJs, socks, underwear and sneakers that I left behind to make room for any new purchases. 

  • Pack dresses. Sleeveless dresses (of all lengths) take up only a little more space than a t-shirt, yet are an entire day's clothes. For warmth, bring a pair of leggings, too. 

  • Strategically use layers. Add a scarf, cardigan and leather jacket for adjustable warmth. Wear all three on the plane to save space. 

  • Limit to three pairs of shoes: flipflops, stylish sneakers and a pair of neutral flats should serve all needs. Wear the sneakers on the plane. 

  • Use ziplocks for your toiletries and to organize chargers or snacks without bulk. 

  • Go digital. We downloaded books for both us and the kids to our Kindle. 

  • Buy inflatable boosters. That way you can easily take local taxis safely. 

  • Buy toys locally. Bring a few coloring books, stickers, and small blocks for the plane. Then buy small toys at your destination. The kids will love picking them and will be engaged by their newness. 

Next time, I'd bring even less. It made life so much easier. 

What are your best tips for packing less?

Travel light to avoid needless baggage stress



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