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Really See Them

A friend, Margot Machol Bisnow, wrote a great book on Raising an Entrepreneur, where she interviewed parents and entrepreneurs to glean parenting best practices.

My favorite advice from her? Truly see your children, not the version of them you want to see. Kids are sharp. They know when you do this.

In the hustle of daily life, this act can easily get lost. Here is a trick—do it once a month on the date of their birthday. For example, the 16th of each month, you could take 10 minutes to truly give them this gift. Look at them. Tell them what you see in them. Tell them you love this. I know that sounds small, but trust me, once a month will have an impact.

Don't just nod your head and close this email. Seriously, open up your calendar and do this now. When was the last time someone truly saw you?

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