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Redo your 20 for 2020

I don’t know about you, but half of my 20 for 2020 list is out of the picture due to COVID-19. So, I’m creating a new one for this crazy time. Here’s my revised list:

  • Work with a functional doctor to make progress on my gut

  • ✅Go to Paris with Chloe

  • Spend a weekend away with another family

  • Teach the kids to ride bikes

  • Do a 7 day fast

  • Work from Shore two weeks this summer

  • Go on a day adventure solo with Rowan

  • ✅Go on an extended camping trip

  • Get professional photos done of the family

  • ✅Do a Whole30

  • ✅Find a virtual gymnastics class

  • Go to a virtual festival with Joe

  • ✅Stop drinking

  • Learn to dance (nail the shuffle)

  • Do a handstand

  • Organize bi-monthly fun Zoom adventures with friends and family

  • Get a pull-up

  • Walk 10K steps per day

  • Reconnect with three friends per week

What’s yours?


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