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Shift Your Goal

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

I've shifted my morning goal this week from 'Leave by 7:45' to 'No stress!' I want to enter my day with some semblance of peace, not melt-downs and nagging. This simple reframe has transformed the past few days. I discovered simple solutions:

  • Taking the 2 seconds to ask Rowan which car door he wants to leave from, preventing a melt-down. (He's two.)

  • Extra home cuddle time, so Rowan doesn't cry at drop-off 

  • Blocking off my calendar until 10am, so I don't feel extra pressure if something goes wrong

The crazy thing? I've been done with drop-off earlier. Everyone is happier, and I'm more productive after. I was solving for the wrong thing. I wanted to leave by 7:45 to reduce stress, but that goal actually caused more. 

Try shifting your goal. Prioritize 'space to think' versus 'checking off to-dos'; 'connecting with a client' versus 'closing the deal'. You'll be amazed at what doors open. 


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