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Stand on One Foot

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Humor me. Stand on one leg. Close your eyes. Notice what happens. Here's what I experience:

  • To stay in balance, it's constant work. You have to make hundreds of micro-adjustments. 

  • It's most comfortable when I align my body, so the bones support me, instead of my muscles. 

I love this analogy for that elusive work/life balance that we seek. It's the same: Constant adjustments and work.  Also, everything is easier when things are in alignment with your 'bones' of good routines and habits support you. 

So today, let's not do anything drastic; instead, make micro-adjustments. Stay for that extra hug, grab that networking coffee that you always cancel, or stand on one leg for a minute during a break.

It's not about nailing it once and moving on. It's a lifelong game. 

Working moms can juggle career and family through calculated focus and balance.


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