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Stress-free Family Vacation Packing

Where did the summer go? Seriously. Chloe starts kindergarten in two weeks. Over the next week, I'll be sharing some family travel tips to help you make the most of our last few weeks of summer. Today: stress-free packing. Here are some top tips:

Make a digital, reusuble packing list

  • Share with everyone on the trip, so people can add directly versus telling you. We use Google Keep.

  • Add to it while you are on vacation! It's usually the best time to remember all the items you want to bring next time. 

  • Use the checked off items as a return packing list to make sure you don't forget anything at your destination.

Start early

  • Revisit your packing list 2-weeks in advance to spark ideas. Constantly add to it to reduce mental load.

  • Set a reminder in your calendar 1-week out to make any Amazon Prime orders. This prevents last minute stress if there are shipping issues.

  • Actually pack 2 nights before. Trust me, you'll remember more things with that extra time. Plus, if something comes up (like me getting the flu) the day before, you are set.

Make grab-and-go travel kits:

  • Buy an extra set of your toiletries that you just keep packed. That way, you are less likely to forget anything. 

  • Place the small kid toys that you inevitably get in small bags for the kids for grab and go "entertainment kits" for plane or car rides. 

What are your favorite packing hacks? Please share!!

Travel tips with the kids


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