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Take a Moment to Pause

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Yesterday I received a rejection: An interview that I had hoped would come through didn’t. I know I'm trying to get 100 rejections, but it still stung. My natural reaction is to respond immediately and, most likely, emotionally. 

Instead, I paused and went on with my day. That night, when the emotion had passed, I wrote a positive, heartfelt response, focusing on creating more opportunities versus harp on the closed one. It paid off. This morning I woke to a response of support and new ideas.

This approach might sound simple and obvious, but I can't emphasize what a profound shift this was for me.  As a busy mom, it's so easy to default to reacting immediately. 

So, today, don't. Don't respond to that email that annoys you. Don't answer every email as it comes in. Take a moment to pause and see how your approach changes. Micro-moments of intention can make a huge difference.

Stress management tip: Pause for a moment and then get going.


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