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The Best Thing That Ever Happened

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Life is hard, but these hardships make us stronger. In my interviews of incredible working moms, most point to a hardship that was a turning point, providing perspective to focus on what truly matters.  

Mine was my dad's death. But, mini-crises regularly spark change as well.  When I face one, I try to ask myself, 'What would need to be true for me to look back and think this was the best thing that ever happened?'

  • Getting let go from my job in England? I moved back to the US and completely shifted my career. 

  • Losing the Brooklyn apartment even though our offer was accepted? Opened up the door for our DC move. 

  • Feeling completely run down in December? I starting the biggest shift in my health in years. 

When you face your own crisis (whether mini or full blown) think about what doors opens for you. What did you learn about yourself? What changes can you make that would be better than what you are disappointed by? 

This is the whole point of Uplift: How can you take advantage of redefining your identity as a working mom to create a life you truly want to live?

So, take a deep breath. And, go make some lemonade out of these lemons.


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