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The Problem was 'So Three Days Ago'

The parallels between starting a company and having a kid are shocking. Every time you feel like you have something figured out, your world changes. And, until you’ve gone through it, you can’t imagine the emotional rollercoaster you’re hopping on. 

A week ago, I had a team issue that felt all-consuming. By Tuesday, that same issue felt ‘so three days ago.’ I had moved onto another set of problems. 

This experience reminded me of the early months with Chloe. She hasn’t pooped in two weeks. Followed by, she’s on a nursing strike. Followed by that dreaded four-month sleep regression that happened the same week that I went back to work. 

In retrospect, these were little blips that I honestly barely remember. (Selective memory is the only way anyone would have more than one child.) At the moment, they felt huge. 

So today, remember in a few days, this current ‘crisis’ might feel ‘so three days ago.’ You’ve made it through before. You will make it through again. 


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