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Two Great Pieces of Management Advice

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

This week, I noticed one of my team members was struggling. I know this woman is super sharp and hard-working, so I was surprised. My natural response is to push harder. I turned into one of those tourists who speaks louder when a local can't understand their Spanglish. I'm sure you can predict how effective that was.

Then I was reminded of two of the best pieces of management advice I've ever received:

  • Always assume the best intent. People want to do a great job.

  • When something is going wrong on your team, look in the mirror first.

So instead of pushing, I became curious. What was up? How can I be contributing to this issue? This conversation helped us identify a few small tweaks that helped her be a rockstar again. Of course, I was also contributing to the issue.

So today, instead of butting your head against an issue for the umpteenth time. Get curious. Ask instead of assuming. And, be humble - a problem is rarely one-way.


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