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We Kid-tested 50+ Clean Snacks, So You Don't Have To

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

This Spring, Joe and I realized our kids were surviving on cheddar Goldfish. They were easy. We were stressed. It happens to the best of us. No judgment here.

Our summer resolution: clean up our family snack game. We started a month-long adventure trying out low-sugar, gluten-free snacks with ingredients we recognized. As a busy mom, I needed portable and easy, not just healthy. Here are the winners.


  • Whole fruit: Apples, bananas, and tangerines were the most portable

  • Kind Pressed Fruit Bars: Made from simply fruit and chia seeds

  • Bare Apple chips: Satisfies chip cravings, but 100% apples

  • Raisins: Insanely cheap, natures candy



  • Oloves: Great non-carb option. My kids pounded 2 packages each on the first try

  • Hummus: Perfect with mini-carrots (which are also favorite solo)

  • Buddha Bowl Popcorn: 3 ingredients that are the perfect Goldfish replacement

The best part? They work for you, too! Send me over your favorites!

This week look out for more tips to help you and your family eat healthier. 

Try our healthy recipes that your kids will surely enjoy.


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