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What's Your Ritual?

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

I love rituals. They ground me and remind me of what matters. I try to sprinkle little actions throughout the day to symbolize the things I want to turn up in my life:

  • First thing in the AM, I savor a mug of hot lemon water. Yes, this helps with hydration and waking up my gut, but for me, it's more about remembering to slow down and build micro-self care into my day.

  • During my shower, I do 20 to 30-second spurts of freezing water, waking me up and detoxifying my skin. But, honestly, I do it because I want to remind myself that I am willing to do hard things and committed to building resilience. 

  • As part of my no-complaint challenge, each time I slip up, I move a rubber band from one wrist to the other. This simple action recommits me to the process. (BTW, I'm back on Day 1, but did make it to Day 5...twice!)

Too often our goals (like being more resilient) feel intangible. How can you make them real? What little moments can you weave into your day to remind you? 


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