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Why Dads Are Happier Than Moms

It often seems like dads are happier than moms, but I'm still shocked to see a report analyzing over 18,000 people prove it.

Fathers reported greater happiness during child care than for anything else they did that day, whereas mothers reported lower happiness during child care than for other activities during the day,” Nelson-Coffey, the study's author said.

There were three main reasons:

  • Play: Moms usually spent twice as much time caring for their kids, and the dad's time was mainly spent playing.

  • Work: Moms felt more guilt around trying to 'have it all' while dads enjoyed combining work and family.

  • Transition: Moms just experienced a more significant transition into parenthood, suffering from confidence issues. (Hello, hormones.)

So what's a mom to do? Let's start by just acknowledging this. Being a working mom is hard. You are doing a fantastic job.

being a working mom is hard


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