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Work-life Balance Isn’t a Zero-sum Game

When we ask moms if we could wave a magic wand and grant them one wish, 70% say some version of ‘more time.’ Unfortunately, all of us are stuck with 168 hours each week. 

Luckily, work-life balance isn’t a zero-sum game. Having a ‘break’ from my kids for work makes me a better mom. I am psyched to see them and revel in the few hours I get with them a day. (As compared to the utter tiredness I feel on Sunday evening.)

The ‘break’ from work to be with my kids also makes me better at my job. If I’m having a bad day, a few kid snuggles remind me to think big picture. A couple of hours away helps me charge through mental blocks. 

So today, shift your thinking. Stop thinking ‘either/or’ and start thinking ‘and.’ Maybe we can make 1+1 equal to more than 168. 


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