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Yes, My Kids Ate Bugs

A big goal of mine is to create memories for my kids. I want them to have adventures, laughs, and new experiences—both big and small.

Memories don't have to be hard or involved. For example, on my last business trip (to Mexico), I just brought home some crazy food, like crickets, that I encountered. This led to a hilarious bug tasting and so many laughs—watch below. It literally took me 30-seconds to grab and wrap up the critters.

Creating memories makes our limited time feel more...well, memorable. These moments slow down time and cause us to be in the moment.

So this week, keep your eyes open. What's an easy new experience you can give your kids? Maybe it's grabbing something new at the grocery store or grabbing a silly game at the drug store.

Make it easy, but do something new.


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