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Add a Spoonful of Sugar

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Remember when Mary Poppins fooled the Banks’ children into helping them tidy up the playroom over “A Spoonful of Sugar” by making it a game? I know I've successfully tried this with Rowan and Chloe.

Today, take that same approach to your chores—add a little bit of fun or self-indulgence.

For example, while you wash dishes, you could:

- Turn on that podcast or meditation app you’ve been meaning to listen to - Bust out your favorite karaoke tunes (Why saving sing for just the shower?) - Call the friend you’ve wanted to catch up with all month - Transform it into happy hour with your favorite wine because one more glass to clean won’t kill you - Invest in nice dish soap and make dish cleaning a spa treatment for your hands

Now if only I could snap my fingers and get my house cleaned.


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