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Create An Unwind Mantra

I am a doer, so when I get a break, I can find it hard to actually chill out. My mind races a mile a minute: add to the to-do list, answer that email in my head, or replay that conversation I messed up. Please stop. Enter mantras. They are scientifically proven to quiet the system responsible for your “default mode network", a system responsible for self-reflection and self-judgment,” according to Psychology Today. Try one that not only quiets your mind but gives you a bit

How to Support Someone Struggling

You guys know me—I’m pretty positive. However, positivity isn’t always best, especially when someone is in pain. A “You’ve got this!” when someone is truly hurting can make you seem unemphatic and cause people to withdraw. Psychotherapist Whitney Goodman coined this attitude as “dismissive positivity.” If you are trying to help someone struggling, here are some small tweaks she recommends: Think happy thoughts. → It’s probably pretty hard to be positive right now. I’m putti

Take the Pressure Off

Starting a startup and being a mom of two young kids is no joke. Both can be all consuming, causing other parts of my life to suffer. I still don’t have a group of close friends in D.C. like I had in NYC. I’ve gained 15-pounds in the past 18-months. And, my fun home projects are all half-done. What should be positive influences in my life (community, health, and hobbies) were stressing me out instead of energizing me. Then it hit me. Right now, I only have time for three

Do a Hug Countdown

When I pick up Rowan, we need to cross a vast avenue to get to the car. Usually, I am annoyed when we miss the light, watching the crosswalk sign countdown from 60. This week, though, I reframed the situation. I knelt next to my little munchkin and gave him a huge hug and just didn’t let go. It ended up being the favorite part of both of our days. What was shocking to me was how much a single minute could impact my day. My usual reaction increased my stress, while the

Start a Daydreaming Practice

When was the last time you let yourself dream about your future? You know, the dreaming you did in Math class in High School, or as a first time pregnant mom. I love Sheri Salata's suggestion of starting a Daydreaming practice by setting aside 10-minutes a day to just let your mind go. For me, I want to move to Europe for a couple of years when the kids are in middle school. To create a movement where the world sees how badass working moms are. And, to take Chloe on a s

Do Some Kiddo-therapy

Last night, I left my notebook on a plane, which meant getting back home at 3:30 am instead of 1. Today I could have been a mess with the lack of sleep, but instead, I took a page from my good friend, Leah Fink (founder of Classes At) and practiced some kiddo-therapy. When my kids woke me up, instead of dreading the morning, I hugged them as tight as I could. I slowed down, let go of all responsibilities, and just concentrated on being present with and thankful for the

Is the Rush Worth It?

I love this story from Derek Silvers. He used to bike to exercise, pushing himself hard, so he was sweaty, red and out of breath. It hurt. The ride always took 43 minutes. One day, he decided to chill and enjoy what was on the ride. He noticed the dolphins frolicking in the water. Felt the sun on his face He brought the joy back. The kicker? The fun ride took 45 minutes, just two minutes longer than the tough one. Trying to maximize every second took the joy out of som

What is Going Right

Name three things going right in your life right now. Here are my three: My new sales process seems to be working I discovered new healthy foods that I'm obsessed with My kids are incredibly confident and independent So often we focus on all the things going wrong in our lives that we don't give ourselves the chance to celebrate what is going right. This week, every time you brush your teeth, name three. Trust me; you will feel less stressed and more badass because you are

Take Advantage of the Small Breaks in Your Day

So often, our default when having a few minutes in between things is to jump on social media. It's too easy. Let's make doing other things just as easy. Today, I want you to make a list of things you can do instead (both productive and fun). Here's mine: Read a fiction book Write these newsletters Do my mini-todos for the kids (like respond to the class parent) Do a quick meditation Reach out to a friend I haven't talked to in a while Online grocery shop Journal Don't all

Your Self-Love Languages

I recently had an epiphany about self-love—the best way to show yourself love is to play into your dominant love languages. Mine are acts of service and quality time. So, the best way to show myself love is to do nice things for me and make sure to carve out some time for dates with myself. That's why meal prep, weekly self-facials, and journalling feel so good. While buying myself gifts just doesn't do it for me. So, this week, play into your self-love languages and give

Channel Your First-time Pregnant Self

First-time pregnant women are awesome. The excuse of doing everything ‘for two’ brings out the best in them. They ask for help and are at the top of their self-care game—going for massages, eating well, and generally slowing down. For some reason, as soon as the baby pops out, many moms put themselves at the bottom of their priority list. But, you are still doing things ‘for two.’ The baby might not be inside of you, but it needs you almost as much to survive. So today

What did You Love to do Before Kids?

I'm heading back to D.C. after a fun day yesterday at the Firefly music festival. No kids. No responsibilities. Just me, Joe, and a few too many cocktails. Before kids, shows were my thing. Hell, I even moved to London to 'live music' for a few years. Post kids, going to a show is rare. Which is why every year now Joe and I make a point to go to an all day music festival. I love them. I can be too serious, but at festivals everyone is just dancing and up for pure fun.

Get in Your Self-talk Reps

Between fundraising and sales, I’m always putting myself out there. It’s hard. So, I’ve added a little ‘oomph’ to my workouts. Each time I do a hard rep with my weights, I say an affirmation: “You deserve this.” “You are changing lives.” “You’ve built an incredible business.” The combo of exercise and self-talk makes both more powerful. By the end, I feel invincible. So this week, where can you get your self-talk reps in? During your yoga class? While you take the stairs

No, But...

My world just blew up. Now on top of running a busy company, I have a new job—raising a round of funding. I’ve had to cut out anything non-essential. The best way to do this? No, but. Deliver your ‘no’ with a side of help. No, I can’t lead that workshop right now, but I do know someone amazing at precisely that. I tried ‘no, but’ this week and not only solved the problem for my contact but created an opportunity for a new friend. Everyone wins, including my sanity. Try i

Control What You Can Control

As a mom of young kids, the amount of sleep I get is somewhat out of my control. Once they outgrew the infant not-sleeping-through-the-night phase, the nightmares started. I hear that once they outgrow that, you wake worried that they are sneaking out of the house as teenagers. What we can control, though, is our sleep quality. We can make sure that we are setting ourselves up for the best sleep whenever we do get it. A few basic rules can help: Limit things that disru

Indulge Yourself

Last weekend, instead of meditating right when I woke up in bed, I took the two minutes to head out to the hammock in the house we were staying in. It was amazing, and this little move felt so luxurious. There are so many moments in our life where we can do similar tiny indulgences: Buying a fancier type of coffee Walking the scenic route to an errand Eating lunch outside instead of at your desk Just look at what you already do and think through how you can turn it up a bi

Retune Your Inner Voice

I  recently went to one of Jessica Coleman's Magic of Human Connection workshops. It was, well, magical. For an hour, we just celebrated the human connection with enthusiasm. My favorite part? Retuning my inner voice. So often, our internal dialogue is negative. We say things to ourselves that we'd never say to someone else. So for two minutes, you sat between two people who whispered positive thoughts into your ears: You are smart and can do anything you put your mind to


I know I can be my own worst enemy. I’ve said things to myself that I would never say to my worst enemy. Chances are you have, too. You are not alone. We do this for a reason. We believe that by being hard on ourselves, we’ll whip ourselves into shape. By picking apart ourselves, we’ll motivate ourselves to be better. However, the research points to the opposite. Studies show that being self-compassionate leads to greater self-improvement and motivation. People who beat

Do Something Mindless

I've been pretty stressed recently getting out a few launches over the past few weeks. When I'm run down, I default to easy and have found myself mindlessly browsing Instagram to calm my racing mind. Honestly, it does work, but I never feel 'better' after. Of course, my five-year-old offered a better solution. "Mommy, can we color?" Hell yes, Chloe. Coloring not only allows me to connect with her, but it zens me out. Coloring is just one mindless solution. Others inclu

Make A Night of It

We are all going to have to do things that we just don't want to. It's called Adulting. Today's tip is simple: for those moments, make the most of it. For example, this week I had to work late one night, so I ordered yummy food from a BBQ spot I've been meaning to try and rocked out to Beyonce's new album. (Honestly, if you take one tip from this email, listen to that masterpiece today.) I mean, I was going to have to work late no matter what, at least I had a bit of fu

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