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Healthy Travel Part 2

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Yesterday, I gave tips on how to eat healthy on vacation. Today are ones on acting healthy.

Be active

  • Walk. A lot. Walk whenever you can. That way, you get in movement while discovering the city. Track (to make it game-like) and try to get in 50% more than you would at home. 

  • Try some efficient workouts. Here is a list of workouts requiring no equipment, most of which can be done in 15-minutes or less. want to make them even harder, try wearing these bands. (They suck.)

  • Playing counts, so get in that pool or on those monkey bars with your kids. Trust me, they'll love it.

Yet chill

  • Don't treat your vacation like another Todo list of activities that must get done. My favorite parts of this trip have been building sandcastles, not the sights. Make memories, not bucket lists. 

  • Build in a buffer. Don't jam-pack every day. Make time for downtime or the unexpected (either positive or not). You don't want to need another vacation from your vacation. 

  • Practice zone defense with your partner.  Try to get some alone downtime each day. Even if just to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee. 

  • Remember the big picture. The trips is about being closer to your family. Things will not go as you planned. Let. It. Go.

What are your favorite healthy travel tips? Please share! #momhacks #health #travel


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