Healthy Muffins in Under 15-minutes

I love baking with my kids, especially when the recipes involve minimal clean-up, healthy ingredients, and are easy enough for my kids to do most of the work. Thank you, Blender Muffins. Basically, you place all the ingredients into a blender, blend for 30-seconds, and pour them into muffin pans. Because you blend them, you can even use oatmeal instead of flour. If you use mini muffin tins, they cook up in 8-minutes. Here are a few recipes: Blueberry Corn Muffins Almon

10 Ways to Spend Money to Reduce Mealtime Stress

The number one stress we hear from moms is getting dinner on the table, so what better place to spend money to save time? To spend smartly, first identify what part of the meal is causing stress. Is it getting the food ready? Clean-up? Grocery shopping? Then try to spend to reduce that stress. For example... If you stress about planning: Order groceries online. You can shop from old orders or put items on repeat, saving you having to go to the store. This might even sav

Batch It

Usually, half the time of doing any activity is the set-up or clean-up. So today's tip: batch it—collect up a group of similar activities and do them all at the same time. Here are some ideas: Buy multiple lunch boxes and pre-make lunches for the week on Sunday. Buy a stash of kid birthday presents and wrap them all, so you can grab and go to the weekend kiddo birthday parties. Designate a day each month to look at your social calendar and book all date nights, play date

How to be a Super Mom on a Weekday Valentine's Day

I'm a huge fan of traditions, especially ones that I can eek out on a busy weekday. Here are three food tricks you can do this week to bring a little festivities into your meals: Order a heart shaped pizza. Every pizza place will make you this for free if you ask. Cut anything into a heart shape. Sandwiches, toast, cucumbers, melon. Literally anything. You can do this by hand or there is still time to order a cookie cutter from Amazon. Make pink milk for their cereal. Who

Create a Meal Train

Dinnertime stress is the number one household issue that we see at Uplift. My secret is to do meal prep on the weekends, so cooking is basically merely heating during the week. I just heard an original tweak on the weekly prep: create a meal train. Find a few other moms who are up for sharing meals. You cook double or triple batches of a dish or two and trade. That limits the amount of work while still allowing for variety. You might even discover a few new favorites.

How to Actually Do Meal Planning

Today on Instagram stories, we are joined by Toby Lowenfels, a digital marketing consultant. Funny enough, she never made a full meal—with sides and all that—until post-kids. Now she runs DinnerIn20, which gives moms everywhere tips on how to easily get meals on your family's table. There is hope for us all. Below she simplifies meal planning for all of us. I used to dread dinnertime until I made meal planning a top priority. Every Sunday morning, I pour a generous cup of co

The Lazy Mom's Guide to Starchy Sides

During the week, I need my meals to be on the table in under 15-minutes to prevent hangry kids. Here are my go-to carb side dishes that take 10-minutes or less to make: Frozen corn: Microwave it for a few minutes and top with salt, butter, or even cojita cheese Fresh pasta: Cooks in half the time as dried Couscous: Boil water, take off the head, dump in the couscous, and put the lid on it for 5-minutes. Easy. Frozen peas: Microwave for a few minutes. Get fancy by topping with

3-ingredient ice cream

I frankly don't know how to parent without the threat of 'no dessert.' So, in the quest to clean up our family's diet, I knew I needed healthy ones. Here are some of my faves: Siggi Yogurt Tubes. Low sugar, high protein. The kids treat them like ice cream pops. Frozen fruit: Blueberries, cherries, and watermelon are our faves. I just put any fruit in the freezer that is about to spoil. Watermelon Pizza: Just cut your melon in a 1-inch round, top with greek yogurt as the "sauc

How to Get Your Kids to Eat Veggies

One of the things I'm most proud of as a parent is the fact that my kids eat and enjoy vegetables. Rowan (my two-year-old) went through a phase where cauliflower was his favorite food. Here is what works for my family. Involve them in the process Have them pick out veggies in the grocery store. They love autonomy and control. Start a veggie garden at home. My kids snack off our cherry tomato bushes. If you don't have a yard, visit a local farm. Make them your sous chefs. My k

We Kid-tested 50+ Clean Snacks, So You Don't Have To

This Spring, Joe and I realized our kids were surviving on cheddar Goldfish. They were easy. We were stressed. It happens to the best of us. No judgment here. Our summer resolution: clean up our family snack game. We started a month-long adventure trying out low-sugar, gluten-free snacks with ingredients we recognized. As a busy mom, I needed portable and easy, not just healthy. Here are the winners. Fruit Whole fruit: Apples, bananas, and tangerines were the most portable Ki

Why Taco Tuesdays Are the Best

The average person makes around 35,000 decisions every day - everything from what to wear to what to eat.   As a mom, it's probably even more because you are also deciding what your kids wear and eat. I'm always looking for ways to cut decisions out of my life, which is why I love standardization -- adding routines and formulas into your life. Here are some examples: Weekly meal formulas. Take the stress out of meal planning by working off a formula for your week: For example

Mom Hack: Create a Snack Box

The most stressful time in my house is the 20 minutes before dinner. My kids after a full day of pre-school are hungry and just want some mom-cuddles. Yet, I feel stressed to get food on the table to prevent future hungry melt-downs. Enter my favorite meal hack: this $10 ice cube tray, dubbed the 'snack box.' I fill it with whatever healthy food I have around. The kids can choose what they want to eat and are far more likely to eat veggies out of it than with dinner. (They on

Meal Prep Power Hour

One of my favorite gifts for Future Kari, is spending an hour each weekend meal prepping for the week. It simplifies my weeknights, allowing me to get healthy food on the table with less than 10 minutes of work and minimal clean-up. Here is my recipe for a successful hour: Batch cook one grain, either rice, quinoa or faro. I make a triple batch and freeze. That way I can actually have variety in future weeks. Pro tip: sauteing rice in 1 tsp of oil before cooking helps it rehe

Mom Hack: Breakfast Cookies

A favorite mom hack is breakfast cookies.  They take 20 minutes to make, need only three ingredients, and are an incredibly forgiving recipe, making baking them a perfect kid activity. My kids love them because they feel they are eating cookies for breakfast. I love them as a pre-workout snack.  Recipe below. You can sub out the chocolate chips for raisins or blueberries.  But, as Chloe says, "The best days start off with chocolate," so why would you? Skinnytaste Breakfast Co

Staying Healthy-ish During the Holidays

Good eating is a huge part of self-care. When you eat well, you have more energy and confidence. Unfortunately, the holidays can be nutritional kryptonite. Here are some quick tips to make sure you don't wake up January 1 regretting the next couple of weeks. Have a plan going into parties Eat a health snack before. You are more likely to make good decisions when you aren't starving and can pass the food altogether if all options are unhealthy. Don't graze. Force yourself to c

Fix Your Environment, Not Your Willpower

Willpower is overrated. No matter how strong yours is, there will be a time (especially as a working mom) where you will be too tired or stressed to use it.  I prefer tweaking your environment to ‘trick’ you to make better decisions — make it easier to reach for that apple versus that bag of chips. My favorite book on this is Slim by Design by Brian Wansink. His team of researchers went to thin and not-so-thin households to document the differences.  This checklist of environ

Hacking Dinner

There is something about getting dinner on the table that encapsulates all the stress of being a working mom. You want to feed your kids something nutritious that they will actually eat. You feel the time pressure of having to feed the kids before meltdowns begin. And, let's admit it, you just made it through a full work day and are exhausted. I love cooking for my family and us all eating together every night, so have experimented over the past couple of years to develop the