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Stop yourself (with a little help)

Ugh. I've become addicted to my phone again. I recently have found myself lost in email when I want to be playing with my kids. Not disconnecting has also started to burn me out and mess with my sleep. To counter this, I've started being intentional about when I am going to check email. I only do it when I can actually address issues, so I don't have to-do items swirling in my head. My lo-fi trick? A simple rubber band. This creates a bumper that reminds me to think abo

A Simple Question to Save Time

In this week's spending to save series, we've been showing how you can spend more money to save you time, buying you happiness. Today's tip is simple: Each time you open your wallet (or hover over the Buy Now button on Amazon), ask yourself, "Will this purchase change my use of time in positive ways?" Pause if not. Do you really need this? So often, when we buy something, there are so many hidden time costs—unpacking, storage, maintenance, and disposal. How would your life

My 6 Favorite Time Saving Software

As a mom of two and a founder of a busy start-up, I throw money at software that saves me time. Here are some of my faves: Docsend ($10/month): Simplifies document sharing. I can see who has visited and for how long. I can also update the document behind the link as I make changes in real-time. (Biggest insight, people spend very little time reading documents! Xtensio ($15/month): Beautiful predesigned document templates that prevent me from hiring a designer to layout

What's the Total Cost?

I am a sucker for a good deal. I mean, I am the rare breed who loves going to Costco. But, today I'm throwing this out the window. My tip? Do less comparison shopping. When you look at the total cost of comparison shopping—including your time, not just the sticker price—you'll find it's rarely worth it. The time it takes to go to multiple stores, drive to the cheaper gas, or spend hours browsing online is more valuable than your savings. So, don't overthink it. Find so

10 Ways to Spend Money to Reduce Mealtime Stress

The number one stress we hear from moms is getting dinner on the table, so what better place to spend money to save time? To spend smartly, first identify what part of the meal is causing stress. Is it getting the food ready? Clean-up? Grocery shopping? Then try to spend to reduce that stress. For example... If you stress about planning: Order groceries online. You can shop from old orders or put items on repeat, saving you having to go to the store. This might even sav

You Can Buy Happiness

Ashley Williams, a professor at Harvard Business School, has studied over 100,000 people to understand the relationship between happiness, wealth, and time. She found that the happiest people (even at lower incomes) use money to buy time by working fewer hours, outsourcing, or spending out. This week, we'll dive into advice on how to make this all-too-important trade-off of money for time. Her findings show that spending as little as $40 on time saving measures can buy

How to Not Step on Legos

I secretly curse Legos multiple times each week. They seem to be found in the far corners of my house, and there is nothing more painful than stepping on one on my 2 AM trip to the bathroom. Which is why I'm obsessed with toy storage mats, play mats with drawstrings on the circumference that allows you to both contain the toys and clean-up in 10-seconds. You are welcome. #productivity #momhacks

Batch It

Usually, half the time of doing any activity is the set-up or clean-up. So today's tip: batch it—collect up a group of similar activities and do them all at the same time. Here are some ideas: Buy multiple lunch boxes and pre-make lunches for the week on Sunday. Buy a stash of kid birthday presents and wrap them all, so you can grab and go to the weekend kiddo birthday parties. Designate a day each month to look at your social calendar and book all date nights, play date

Friend Dates without a Sitter

This week I had a lovely evening catching up with a friend. The best part? We did it without sitters or even having to brave the snowy DC weather. We had a 'hangout date.' She drank bubbly. I drank tea (since it was still dry January). And, we caught up on life all through the magic of video conference. This week, step away from your work email and invite a friend you've been meaning to catch up with, better yet, a friend from out of town, on a virtual date. Make hangi

Mom Hack: Leave it Empty

When I was bulk preparing my kids' lunches on Sunday for the week, I complained to Joe that I had no idea what to put in the smallest compartment of their lunch boxes. "Chloe doesn't like raisins, and Rowan's teachers won't let me add M&Ms." He responded, "You know what I did last week when you were traveling? I just left that compartment empty." I mean, why not? How often do we put stress on ourselves to fill in all of the 'compartments' in our lives when they ultimate

How to Save 5 Minutes Every Morning

My big household project this year is to find everything a home. I've decluttered before but never finished this step, which is vital for it staying that way. It sounds crazy, but this process is incredibly creative. It pulls on my product design skills -- I'm trying to throw out preconceived notions and ask what makes the most sense for the user (usually me). I've started moving things to where they are most convenient instead of where they 'should' be. For example, th

What's Up Doc?

I'm a big believer in making the behaviors you want to do as easy as possible. This works with your kids, too. My newest hack: leave a Costco-sized bag of baby carrots in between our car seats. Now instead of demanding gummies or rice rollers, my kids help themselves to carrots. They love being independent and are now eating veggies for breakfast. I've been known to sneak a few on my way home from work, too. Everyone wins. What behaviors can you make ridiculously easy? C

Stories to the Rescue

Once upon a time, there was a superhero named, (your name here), who could stop kid breakdowns by uttering a few sentences. Want this to be a reality? Turn to the power of stories. My youngest, Rowan, is three, which means daily (if not hourly) breakdowns. My favorite recent one happened when he handed me his blueberry bar while he put on his jacket. When I handed it back, Rowan melted down because there was a bite missing. He had taken this bite. Three-nagers! Here's

My New Favorite App

I love podcasts and audio-books. I am continually consuming content—in the car, while doing the dishes, and during my workouts. This obsession had started to get expensive. Enter Scribd. For $8.99/month, I now get unlimited access to books, audio books, and magazines. I'm obsessed. My recent listens: Open by Andre Agassi (and I don't even follow tennis) Becoming by Michelle Obama (a must for working moms) Atomic Habits by James Clear (super actionable ways to stick with th

Take the Easy Way Out

The holidays are always a bit nutty, so I'm continually looking for how to prune. Stressed about the pile of gift wrapping on my plate, my first instinct was to think about outsourcing. Could I hire a TaskRabbit for a few hours? But, the thought of spending money on this made me see another option—simplify. I immediately ordered gift bags and tissue from Amazon. I could throw all the gifts into bags in under an hour myself. Do I prefer wrapping paper? Yes, but even more

A Simple Packing Hack for Your Holiday Travel

I'm a huge packing cube fan. I hate living out of a suitcase, so this allows me to 'unpack' while still remaining packed. Plus, I find that I can usually fit close to twice the amount of stuff in a cube. Usually, each family member gets their cube, but I just heard a great hack: Pack by day, not by person. Put an outfit for Monday for everyone in one cube, then one for Tuesday and so forth. That way if you are moving locations, you can take out the cube of the day and

Why I'm Not Sending Holiday Cards

I love my collection of holiday cards hanging on my kitchen wall. Seeing my friends' faces every day brings me joy, especially last year after my move to a new city. Unfortunately, getting my own out brings me the opposite emotion. I always wait too late, struggle to find addresses, and am shocked by the price tag. Last year, as I sat stuffing envelopes with our family update late one night, I swore not to send cards this year. Fast forward 12 months. I am so happy wit

Create a Meal Train

Dinnertime stress is the number one household issue that we see at Uplift. My secret is to do meal prep on the weekends, so cooking is basically merely heating during the week. I just heard an original tweak on the weekly prep: create a meal train. Find a few other moms who are up for sharing meals. You cook double or triple batches of a dish or two and trade. That limits the amount of work while still allowing for variety. You might even discover a few new favorites.

Go on a Weeknight Adventure

I started noticing that our weeknights were getting monotonous. Dinner, a few puzzles or games, and then the bedtime routine. I felt drained and uninspired. To liven things up, I've started instituting a weeknight family adventure once a week. This week's was bowling. It was so fun. Rowan (our three-year-old) won although Chloe had a valiant come back with a spare in frame 10 and losing by one pin. What do your weeknights look like? Can you spice them up by creating s

Add a Spoonful of Sugar

Remember when Mary Poppins fooled the Banks’ children into helping them tidy up the playroom over “A Spoonful of Sugar” by making it a game? I know I've successfully tried this with Rowan and Chloe. Today, take that same approach to your chores—add a little bit of fun or self-indulgence. For example, while you wash dishes, you could: - Turn on that podcast or meditation app you’ve been meaning to listen to - Bust out your favorite karaoke tunes (Why saving sing for just th

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